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331 a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cu-ȼé "agtháthiⁿ shuthé táakʰá" [is] not used Binah Gordon F. View Edit Delete
145 dú-a-hi-ȼé-taⁿ "J. LaFlesche said that itw was not used" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Duahi/opd.01.093.05c.jpg View Edit Delete
130 á-cka-ki-ȼé-ȼaⁿ-ȼáⁿ-i "L.S." another pencil notation below: "(not used F) Used Wayiha" Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.02d.jpg View Edit Delete
131 á-cka-kí-ki-ȼai "L.S." two notations follow: "not used F." & Used, Wdj" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.03a.jpg View Edit Delete
152 á-gȼĕ ti-ȼé-ȼĕ "Rare (F.) A modern word (Wdj.)" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Ag%a2e/opd.01.017.07b.jpg View Edit Delete
187 ba-s'íⁿ-ti-gȼe [bas'íⁿtigȼe] is said of what is here; but bas'íⁿ atiágȼai refers to what is elsewhere. Catherine Rudin L. S. View Edit Delete
268 á-ȼu-ā-di tĕ́-di Accepted. Catherine Rudin J. La Fleche View Edit Delete
296 á-ȼu-a-di Accepted. Catherine Rudin J. La Fleche View Edit Delete
208 á-ȼu-a-di te-ȼán-di Accepted. Catherine Rudin J. La Fleche View Edit Delete
249 p̣a ȼi-sĕ́ Act of white people, Indians never did it. Catherine Rudin Wdj. View Edit Delete
173 ṭá-qti sĭ́n-de skă All deer's tails are white underneath. Catherine Rudin Wdj. View Edit Delete
150 a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cé-a-ti but not as close as is denoted by agȼaȼiⁿ cuti, or agȼaȼiⁿ ȼuti. L.S. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Ag%a2a/opd.01.015.09c.jpg View Edit Delete
329 ba-gȼáⁿ-ȼa C. Le Clerc, Apl. 21, 1873, rendered bagȼaⁿȼa dáⁿctĕáⁿi by He has not missed any at all (!). This has been marked as wrong. Michelle Lanternier View Edit Delete
200 ba-tcí-je Can also be used to describe a person voluntarily running into a thicket without worrying about the thorns in order to allude a fierce animal. Mark Awakuni-Swetland Emmaline Walker Sanchez 1/3/2012 View Edit Delete
129 á-cka Comment crossed out: "F. says that acka is obsolescent, being replaced by ukiacka. and so with the compounds of acka". Pencil notation: "Still used often Wdj". Mark Awakuni-Swetland http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.02b.jpg View Edit Delete
179 si-p̣á-hi cá-ge Common term. Catherine Rudin F. View Edit Delete
204 wa-gȼí-cka ha cú-ga Confirmed as 'cockroach' by AFS 6/17/2012. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
254 xú-p'ă Confirmed. Catherine Rudin F. View Edit Delete
239 táⁿ-waⁿ-gȼáⁿ-a-di Definition "gens" (clan) instead of "tribe" is attributed to F. Catherine Rudin F. View Edit Delete
222 gi-á-a-ȼa-'á-be Denied Catherine Rudin Wdj. View Edit Delete
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