Omaha Ponca Digital Dictionary Database View

Umoⁿhoⁿ & Poⁿka relatives, linguists and others interested in more in-depth information about the Omaha language may view the working database behind the Omaha Ponca Digital Dictionary.

The database is a work in progress, originally constructed in 2008-2011 under an NEH DEL grant (PD-50007-08, primary investigators Mark Awakuni-Swetland and Catherine Rudin), but still expanding through entry of additional data. Completed entries are approved before they go live on the Omaha Ponca Digital Dictionary. If you have information to add to the database or would like to assist in data input, please contact Catherine Rudin at CaRudin1 [at] or Binah Gordon at bgordon [at]

Users are welcome to browse the database or utilize the search. To restrict your search to a specific part of the database, please use the dropdown list before entering your search term. A character map has been provided to aid in the search for words using special characters in the Omaha and Ponca languages.