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The second example sentence only has part of a translation. I can't find the matching slip.
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Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
6430To pick up; to pick up or gather up together, from the ground, etc., not from trees or bushes. Michelle Lanternier View


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
809Cáⁿȼaⁿéȼai-gă! Bahíi.Let ye the piece alone! It has been collected (made part of a collection to be given away).Shelby Chandler View
810Ṭanúḳa bahíi hă.He collects the (?)Shelby Chandler View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
5445pickMichelle Lanternier View
5446upMichelle Lanternier View
5447pick upMichelle Lanternier View
5448gatherMichelle Lanternier View
5449togetherMichelle Lanternier View
5450fromMichelle Lanternier View
5451groundMichelle Lanternier View

Inflected Forms

Id Form Label Inflected Form Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
2304cpáhiMichelle Lanternier View
2311páhiMichelle Lanternier View