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JOD: The Dynastes tityus at the Smithsonian was so termed by J. La Fleche and Two Crows.
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5714Cockroach; "insect with thick skin"Catherine RudinJ. La Fleche and Two Crows View
5777Hercules Beetle (Dynastes tityus)Mark Awakuni-Swetland View
5778Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastes tityus)Mark Awakuni-Swetland View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
4254cockroachCatherine Rudin View
4255insectCatherine Rudin View
4256thick skinCatherine Rudin View
4359Rhinocerus BeetleMark Awakuni-Swetland View
4360Hercules BeetleMark Awakuni-Swetland View

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3Stabler dictionary 1977Mark Awakuni-Swetland View

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204Confirmed as 'cockroach' by AFS 6/17/2012.Mark Awakuni-Swetland View