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Second and third links are continuation of examples for ȼe.
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5932To go; to depart.Catherine Rudin View


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575Ȼi c̣néta?Will you go? (somewhere, no place specified)Shelby Chandler View
576C̣né tadáⁿ?Why, are you going (expressing surprise)?Shelby Chandler View
577C̣né tabádaⁿ?Why, are ye going?Shelby Chandler View
578Ȼe téȼaⁿ ȼíe c̣níⁿ ă?Are you he who went (in the past), leaving the trail?Shelby Chandler View
579Bȼe bȼictaⁿ anajiⁿ.I stand, having finished going. I am at the point of going. I am ready to go (all preparations having been completed).Shelby Chandler View
580Ȼé wágaji-má.Those who were sent, the apostles.Shelby Chandler View
581Háⁿadi nudáⁿ aȼá-bikéamá.It is said that they went off in a line on the war-path last night.Shelby ChandlerOm. Soc., 317 View
582Añgáȼe káⁿbȼa.I wish you and me to go.Shelby Chandler View
583Wactciñge-íⁿ amá ȼé amáma.It is said that the Rabbit was going somewhere.Shelby Chandler9,1 View
584Ábae aȼé ʔíȼa-biama.He spoke of going to hunt, they say.Shelby Chandler9,7 View
585Ȼájĭ-ă hĕ.Do not go!Shelby Chandler(15,2), Om. fem. neg. imper. View
586Ĕ́di c̣nájĭ te hĕ.Do not go thither.Shelby Chandler(32,2) fem. sp. View
587Gáⁿ ȼé amá.And he was departing by request, they say.Shelby Chandler43,1 View
588Ictínike édi ȼé amá.Ictinike was going thither, they say (?), by request (?).Shelby Chandler529, note on 60,2 View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
4584goCatherine Rudin View
4585departCatherine Rudin View