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mu-c̣nu-de ti muzhnude tʰi to meet each other suddenly on arriving here; said of two persons coming (hither) to the top of a hill, from different directions. 4/1/10 12/22/10, 5:33 PM Jianguo Wang



mú-jaⁿ múzhoⁿ 1. in former days, when the Omahas and Ponkas had no machinery, whatever they wished to cleanse from dust and litter, as corn, they would pour out from the top of a scaffold into a robe placed on the ground. The wind blew away the litter (mhic̸e ac̸ai) as the grain fell. 2. to sift, shake in a sieve; to sift or fan, as in a wheat-fan 4/2/10 12/22/10, 5:33 PM Jianguo Wang




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