a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cu-ȼé-ki-ȼĕ

a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cu-ȼé-ki-ȼĕ 
agtháthiⁿ shuthékʰithe 
to cause one, not a relation, to take his property to the place where you are or will be (purposely, not by his request) 
Jul 15, 2022 3:20 am



on slip, originally type: "another not a relation", but another is crossed out and "one" appears above hand written
Added/modified by: Jianguo Wang on 6/2/09, 12:19 PM
Although Dorsey's translation makes this look like an verb that only takes inanimate objects, it can also be used to take a person somewhere. - Binah Gordon
Added/modified by: Binah Gordon on 7/14/22, 10:09 PM
transitive verb 
athíⁿ shuthékʰithe 



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