wi-u-haⁿ ṣne-de

wi-u-haⁿ ṣne-de 
wiuhoⁿ znede 
not applicable (or) not available 
A "long boiler": a wash-boiler.  
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What is a wash boiler?
Added/modified by: Mark Awakuni-Swetland on 8/17/11, 9:30 PM
This seems to describe the metal container used to heat water for washing clothes, and/of 'boiling' clothes. The reference to a 'nexe ska' or white kettle may describe the lighter color of a galvanized pot or white enameled pot placed directly over the fire or on the stove top used for this purpose


JOD: 1872
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noun phrase 
nexe skă ṣnede (kĕ); ni nactaȼĕ ṭañga (kĕ) 



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