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140 á-ga-ja-de ȼé-ȼe W. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.014.02a.jpg View Edit Delete
141 á-ga-ja-de-kí-ȼĕ W. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.014.02c.jpg View Edit Delete
142 á-ga-jád i-ȼáⁿ W. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.014.02d.jpg View Edit Delete
143 á-ga-p̣á-mu F. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.014.05c.jpg View Edit Delete
145 dú-a-hi-ȼé-taⁿ "J. LaFlesche said that itw was not used" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Duahi/opd.01.093.05c.jpg View Edit Delete
148 dú-de-ä-di a-ká-di L.S. David Nesheim JOD1:6 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Duda/opd.01.095.03d.jpg View Edit Delete
150 a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cé-a-ti but not as close as is denoted by agȼaȼiⁿ cuti, or agȼaȼiⁿ ȼuti. L.S. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Ag%a2a/opd.01.015.09c.jpg View Edit Delete
151 a-gȼá-ȼiⁿ cu-í on examples, F. aⁿd Wdj. dispute whether forms are used. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Ag%a2a/opd.01.016.02a.jpg View Edit Delete
152 á-gȼĕ ti-ȼé-ȼĕ "Rare (F.) A modern word (Wdj.)" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Ag%a2e/opd.01.017.07b.jpg View Edit Delete
153 á-gi-maⁿ-haí said of one related either to the men of the lodge or else to his wife J. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Agi/opd.01.020.03d.jpg View Edit Delete
156 á-ȼa Denied (Wdj.) David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.007.09a.jpg View Edit Delete
160 á-ȼaⁿ-ska-ḳí-ă supplied by L.S., denied by Geo. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.009.01a.jpg View Edit Delete
161 á-ȼaⁿ-ská-qti-ȼaⁿ-ȼáⁿă J. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.009.01d.jpg View Edit Delete
162 á-ȼaⁿ-ská-ska J. David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.009.02b.jpg View Edit Delete
164 á-ȼe-qti-ȼaⁿ used only by females David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.009.03b.jpg View Edit Delete
168 á-bi J. gave as the Tc. equivalent of the first clause, Núⁿá Maⁿ tcó-nayiⁿ tcḳiáre ée ré nuásku. David Nesheim View Edit Delete
129 á-cka Comment crossed out: "F. says that acka is obsolescent, being replaced by ukiacka. and so with the compounds of acka". Pencil notation: "Still used often Wdj". Mark Awakuni-Swetland http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.02b.jpg View Edit Delete
190 á-sku F. pronounces this áçku. JOD Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
191 ṭé-skă cá-ge Wdj. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
192 dí-xe JOD: 2 R gave this as the eq. of the D. taxu, an old buffalo bull, a poor scabby bull. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
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