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130 á-cka-ki-ȼé-ȼaⁿ-ȼáⁿ-i "L.S." another pencil notation below: "(not used F) Used Wayiha" Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.02d.jpg View Edit Delete
135 á-daⁿ R. (F. disputes in hand-written additons) Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.07a.jpg View Edit Delete
137 á-ga-bȼi J. (F., his son, denies tha water, and states it only refers to soft objects blkown by wind, no usage applied to water) Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.013.05b.jpg View Edit Delete
139 á-ga-hí-he (agaha, ihe) said of a man who passes by a crowd as a brave Ponce or Omaha might pass a number of Dakotas, daring them to attack Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.014.01c.jpg View Edit Delete
144 á-ga-zu not used without the final "qti" - F. Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aga/opd.01.015.06d.jpg View Edit Delete
146 dú-a-hi-tan-dí-taⁿ-ȼé-ȼĕ Not plain to wdj. Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Duahi/opd.01.093.10d.JPG View Edit Delete
149 dʔú-be-ctĕ refers to blood and race only -wdj. Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8; O & P L 28, 1 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Duda/opd.01.095.05a.jpg View Edit Delete
154 á-gi-p̣á-gȼa-wá-ȼĕ sometimes used in contempt, at other times, with respect: it may mean, in the former case, you are capable of making them ashamed to come to you for a favor (F.) Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Agi/opd.01.020.08d.jpg View Edit Delete
157 á-ȼaⁿ-ȼaⁿ-ska Probably obsolesecent, as F. and W. had not heard it. Stacy Rickel View Edit Delete
158 á-ȼaⁿ-ska Refers to what is natural, or what is finished (L.S.) Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.008.09a.jpg View Edit Delete
159 á-ȼaⁿ-ská-ȼĕ-ha Refers to what is artificial, or what is yet unfinished (L.S.), as land to be broken or plowed, or cloth to be cut out Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.008.10d.jpg View Edit Delete
163 á-ȼañ-ka supplied by L. Denied by F., J. and Two Crows. Used (Wdj. and T.Z.) Stacy Rickel JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/A%a2a/opd.01.009.02c.jpg View Edit Delete
329 ba-gȼáⁿ-ȼa C. Le Clerc, Apl. 21, 1873, rendered bagȼaⁿȼa dáⁿctĕáⁿi by He has not missed any at all (!). This has been marked as wrong. Michelle Lanternier View Edit Delete
129 á-cka Comment crossed out: "F. says that acka is obsolescent, being replaced by ukiacka. and so with the compounds of acka". Pencil notation: "Still used often Wdj". Mark Awakuni-Swetland http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.02b.jpg View Edit Delete
190 á-sku F. pronounces this áçku. JOD Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
191 ṭé-skă cá-ge Wdj. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
192 dí-xe JOD: 2 R gave this as the eq. of the D. taxu, an old buffalo bull, a poor scabby bull. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
200 ba-tcí-je Can also be used to describe a person voluntarily running into a thicket without worrying about the thorns in order to allude a fierce animal. Mark Awakuni-Swetland Emmaline Walker Sanchez 1/3/2012 View Edit Delete
204 wa-gȼí-cka ha cú-ga Confirmed as 'cockroach' by AFS 6/17/2012. Mark Awakuni-Swetland View Edit Delete
131 á-cka-kí-ki-ȼai "L.S." two notations follow: "not used F." & Used, Wdj" David Nesheim JOD 1:8 http://omahalanguage.unl.edu/dictionary_images/Aci/opd.01.007.03a.jpg View Edit Delete
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