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in first example one word is not clear. (ȼapíqti ?) Is there something else after ȼ?
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3672When, while, during.Catherine Rudin View


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97Kĭ cáⁿ wabágȼeze áȼade ȼapíqti waséḳaⁿ aȼaí-de ĕbéwaⁿi éiⁿte wabágȼeze áȼade ṭí tĕ ȼicéȼaⁿi.And yet when they were improving in speaking English correctly and fluently, from some cause or other the boarding-school was broken up. Catherine RudinO&PL 48,1 View
100maⁿbȼíⁿ-dewhile I walked Catherine Rudin26,10 View
102Ȼéxigaḳú cétĕ iⁿc'áge wawáci-de íⁿȼiⁿ agí te.WHEN the venerable man employs some one, let him bring yonder drum to me. (54,1)Catherine Rudin View


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80whenCatherine Rudin View