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One of the examples has alternate translation crossed out: 'I am grieved beyond measure' instead of 'I am much sadder than I have ever been'.
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84dáⁿ-qti baskiȼeto be so angry that he loses all self-controlCatherine Rudin View
85Dáⁿ-qti uikaⁿ gaⁿȼai.He wishes to help him very much. His desire to aid him is so great that it goes beyond all bounds, being immoderate.Catherine Rudin View
86Dáⁿ-qti iⁿpi-mají.I am much sadder than I have ever been. Catherine Rudin7 View
89dáⁿ-qti gaxeto do more or make more than he should have done Catherine Rudin View
91Údaⁿ dáⁿ-qti égaⁿ Iṭígaⁿȼaí aká wéȼadaí.The President mentioned to us something that was good beyond measure. Catherine RudinO&PL 133,7 View
92daⁿ-qti gaⁿȼa to have an inordinate desire. (synonym: atacaⁿ ac̸iⁿ gaⁿc̸a)Catherine Rudin View
93Íⁿtaⁿ daⁿqti wagazuaji.Now is it very far from straight.Catherine Rudin View