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The "at least work" example has an additional note on it: see 176,5 etc.... What to do with this?
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67Cáñge dáⁿctĕáⁿi-tĕ hă.Perhaps they are horses.Catherine Rudin View
68Teska dáⁿctĕáⁿi tĕ hă.They may be cows or oxen.Catherine Rudin View
69Cáñge dáⁿctĕáⁿ tĕ hă.It may be a horse.Catherine Rudin View
70Égaⁿ dáⁿctĕáⁿi tĕ.Perhaps he does so, it may be so.Catherine Rudin View
71Gaⁿ ȼitigaⁿ gȼí dáⁿctĕáⁿ ḳi waqíⁿha itizi ctáⁿbe tai.(no translation given)Catherine Rudin View
72T'éwaȼe dáⁿctĕáⁿ tai.They might happen to kill us.Catherine Rudin View
73ʔAbaá-daⁿ waȼi-taⁿ-dáⁿctĕáⁿ-ga!Hunt, or at least work!; ie. do one thing or the other Catherine Rudin189,2 View
74Gȼeba-naⁿba gȼeba-ȼabȼiⁿ dáⁿctĕáⁿ.Twenty or thirty perhaps, twenty or thirty. Catherine RudinO&PL 143,23 View
75Égaⁿ dáⁿctĕáⁿi e-bȼégaⁿ.I think that perhaps it is so.Catherine Rudin View
76Caⁿ égaⁿ dáⁿctĕáⁿi.Still, it may be so.Catherine Rudin View
77Cégaⁿ dáⁿctĕáⁿi.Perhaps it is thus.Catherine Rudin View
78Wéȼihide dáⁿctĕáⁿi.Perhaps they are tools.Catherine Rudin View
79Cuhí dáⁿctĕáⁿ taité.They may, perhaps, reach you.Catherine Rudin O&PL 101,2 View
80Jaⁿʔaⁿhe-dáⁿctĕáⁿ-biama.Cum ea forte concubuisse, aiunt. [Perhaps ... they say.]Catherine Rudin( , ) View
81dáⁿctĕáⁿ . . dáⁿctĕáⁿwhether . . or Catherine RudinO&PL 69, note View