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There is an example sentence illustrating second definition. (Meaning something like "It doesn't grow straight but comes up bent by pushing") Needs to be added, and exact meaning checked.
Added/modified by: Catherine Rudin on 2015-08-07 01:46:00


v. of ȼiguje
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Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
6402To push, as a stick, against any object, bending it (the stick) a little: to bend, as a bow, by pushing.Catherine Rudin View
6427Said of cornstalks that do not come up straight but bend over a little.Catherine Rudin View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
5316pushMichelle Lanternier View
5317bendMichelle Lanternier View
5318not straightMichelle Lanternier View
5319curveMichelle Lanternier View

Inflected Forms

Id Form Label Inflected Form Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
1824cpáȼigujeMichelle Lanternier View
1831p̣áȼigujeMichelle Lanternier View


Id Cognate Language Id Cognate Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
15357waríḳuyeMichelle Lanternier View