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Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
3629Round; round and long, like a cane.Catherine Rudin View
3630Round; circular, like a tribal circle.Catherine Rudin View
3631Entire, whole, all.Catherine Rudin View


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
787Páñka bȼúga waqpáni.All of the Ponkas in the tribal circle are poor, i.e., the whole tribe.Shelby Chandler View
788Majáⁿ bȼúga.The whole earth or land.Shelby Chandler View
789Níkaciⁿga bȼúga.All mankind, men of every tribe and race.Shelby Chandler View
790Wíⁿ bȼúga.One round (gold) piece, a dollar.Shelby Chandler View
791Bȼúga ȼizá-gă.Take the whole.Shelby Chandler View
792Naⁿba bȼuga.Two dollars.Shelby Chandler View
793Júga bȼúga.The entire body of one person.Shelby Chandler17, 3 View
794Wáȼaha... bȼúga.All the clothing.Shelby Chandler50, 8 View
795Ȼéȼiñké qiȼá bȼúga-qtiáⁿ ȼiñké.This is the entire eagle!Shelby Chandler52, 10 and 20 View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
1150roundCatherine Rudin View
1151circularCatherine Rudin View
1152wholeCatherine Rudin View
1153entireCatherine Rudin View
1154allCatherine Rudin View