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JOD: v. of baxu.
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698Baxuakiȼe ta miñke.I will cause you to write it.Shelby Chandler View
699Úckaⁿ íⁿteqi gĕ baxúakiȼe naⁿ-máⁿ tá miñke.I will, from time to time, cause him to write (about) the things which are difficult for me. Shelby ChandlerLetter of the chief, Standing Buffalo to Mr. Wm. Welsh View
700Oshíge ijíñge baxúkiȼe éskaⁿ-ébȼegaⁿ é, ai.I think, said he, that Gahige's son was caused to write it.Shelby Chandler View