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The same word appears on the second slip without description.
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227Mahiⁿ kĕ migȼañ-gă.Put the knife, etc.Shelby Chandler View
228Ítiáṭa migȼañ-gă.Put it under the belt next to the abdomen, or in front.Shelby Chandler View
229Nazaṭa migȼañ-gă.Put it (a stick) under the belt at the back.Shelby Chandler View
230Hajiñga ȼaⁿ ȼicupa-daⁿ migȼañ-gaⁿ.Coil the lariat and put it under the belt.Shelby Chandler View
231Wékaⁿtáⁿ ȼaⁿ mígȼañ-gă.Put the cord under the belt.Shelby Chandler View