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466Cañge kĕ nañka ctĕwaⁿ íȼat'ajĭ t'e cjaⁿmíⁿ hă.I think that the horse died before you could even touch his back!Shelby Chandler View
467Wáñgiȼĕ́-qti, ȼiádi ctĕwáⁿ, ȼiṭínu ctĕwáⁿ, égaⁿi kaⁿbȼégaⁿ.i hope that all of you, including your father and elder brother, are likewise (in good health).Shelby Chandler View
468Háⁿegaⁿtcĕ́qtci aȼá-bi ctĕwáⁿ.Even when (or, notwithstanding) he went very early in the morning (he was anticipated).Shelby Chandler View
469Iⁿc'áge waíⁿ ȼáⁿ ctĕwáⁿ gacaí taⁿ.The standing venerable man has been ------ by the pursuers even of his robe, i.e., made to drop in his flight, even his robe.Shelby Chandler View