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5017To be motionless, still, at rest; not move.Catherine Rudin View


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
438Ckáⁿajĭ gáⁿ cáⁿcaⁿ.He (?) continued motionless.Shelby Chandler View
439Ckáⁿajĭ gáⁿ maⁿȼíⁿ.N/AShelby Chandler View
440Ckáⁿajĭ égaⁿ gȼíñ-gă.Do (or, At all events) sit motionless for a little while! Shelby Chandler View
441Ckáⁿajĭ ctĕwáⁿ gȼíⁿ-bají-biamá.They say that he did not sit still at all.Shelby Chandler View
442Ckáⁿajĭ gȼíⁿ-ă hĕ́.Sit thou motionless.Shelby Chandler View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
3232motionlessCatherine Rudin View
3233stillCatherine Rudin View
3234restCatherine Rudin View
3235moveCatherine Rudin View