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Two example sentences in Chiwere need to be added. There is no field for examples in other languages. Can we modify the Cognates field to allow this?
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JOD: Usually followed by ctewaⁿ or ctectewaⁿ.
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Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
6397No matter what (is said or done)Michelle Lanternier View


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
854ʔÁqti égiȼaⁿ ctéctewaⁿ ahníⁿ-ajĭ taté hă.No matter what he has said to (some one), you shall not have it.Catherine Rudin View
855ʔÁqti ȼaḳíʔaⁿ égaⁿ ctewáⁿ uȼíh(i) etégaⁿ jíqtiáⁿ.No matter if you do your best, you will not stand the slightest chance of having your way. Catherine Rudin View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
5296matterMichelle Lanternier View
5297regardlessCatherine Rudin View
5299does not matterMichelle Lanternier View
5301no matterCatherine Rudin View