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JOD: Its frequentative is -ȼaȼa
Added/modified by: Catherine Rudin on 2016-06-02 03:56:00


Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
6456Causative suffix. Added to verbs, it adds the meaning to cause or make (accidentally or purposely). Catherine Rudin View
6459Causative suffix. Suffixed to nouns it adds meaning to have for, to regard as.Catherine Rudin View

Derived Forms

Id Derived Form Explanation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
13t'eȼĕ'kill' from t'e 'die'Catherine Rudin View
14ṭijebeȼĕ'to use as a door' from ṭijebe 'door'Catherine Rudin View
15qtaȼĕ'to love' Catherine Rudin View
16iȼadiȼĕ'to have as a father' (from iȼadi 'one's father')Catherine Rudin View
17ihaⁿȼĕ'to have as a mother' (from ihaⁿ 'one's mother')Catherine Rudin View


Id Cognate Language Id Cognate Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
15841da, yaCatherine Rudin View
15854-yĕMichelle Lanternier View
15866-ȼĕMichelle Lanternier View