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5332To say this; to say it is so. Catherine Rudin View


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926Añkajĭ ede egȼe.It was not so, but you said it (falsely or accidentally).Shelby Chandler View
927Aⁿhaⁿ, añkajĭ ede cehe hă.Yes, it was not so, but I said it (accidentally).Shelby Chandler View
928Áñkajĭ ede cai hă.It was not so but they (or he) said it.Shelby Chandler View
929Añkajĭ ede ca-biama.It is reported that they said it, though it was not so.Shelby Chandler View
930Caⁿ egaⁿ cehe.It is just as I thought it was.Shelby Chandler View
931P̣ede naji egaⁿ cehe hă.The fire has gone out, as I told you it would.Shelby Chandler View
932Ni agimaⁿȼiñ-gă! Aⁿȼaⁿbizegaⁿ cehe hă.Go for water! I am thirsty, as I told you. Shelby Chandler View
933Ȼegaⁿ tateskaⁿ ebȼegaⁿ edégaⁿ hă.I thought (to myself) that it would be thus.Shelby Chandler View
934Najiⁿ tateskaⁿ ebȼegaⁿ edegaⁿ hă.I thought that it would rain, as it has done (but I told no one).Shelby Chandler View
935T'éaȼé-gaⁿ céhe.I killed him I have said that.Shelby Chandler24, 10; 33, 16 View
936Weȼigȼaⁿ wiwiṭ uwibȼa bȼictaⁿ.I have finished telling you my opinion.Shelby Chandler View
937Ȼegaⁿ tateskaⁿ ebȼegaⁿ egaⁿ cehe hă.I thought that it would be nearly thus.Shelby Chandler View
938Ȼegaⁿ tateskaⁿ ebȼegaⁿ egaⁿ cehe hă.It has turned out as I thought turned out as I thought (I did not see it, but I thought and told you that it would be so, and so it is).Shelby Chandler View
939Cegaⁿ tategaⁿ cehe hă.I thought, when I saw it, that it might be thus, as it now is (and so I told you). Shelby Chandler View
940Najiⁿ tategaⁿ cehe hă.I thought that it was about to rain (as I told you), and so it has rained.Shelby Chandler View
941Jaⁿ agimaⁿȼiñ cé hă.That visible ob. is what has been referred to.Shelby Chandler View


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3721sayCatherine Rudin View
3722thisCatherine Rudin View