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Right two-thirds of slip is blacked out. See second slip for examples.
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Second example sentence has a note. (ce here is intened for céȼu, there)
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5321That.Catherine Rudin View


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967Cé t'éȼĕ úmaká-qtci-bájĭ.It is not very easy to kill that one.Catherine Rudin24, 9 View
968Wáñgiȼe cé ȼagȼíⁿ té.You all must sit there.Shelby Chandler26, 16 View
969Cé tc'éȼĕ údaⁿ akáma-ȼáⁿ.It was said (in the past) that it were good to kill that one.Catherine Rudin28, 17 View
970Cé t'éȼĕ údaⁿ aká-c̣naⁿ ȼáⁿ t'éwaȼáȼĕ te.You have killed the very one who should have been killed long ago.Catherine Rudin33, 15 View


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3708thatCatherine Rudin View