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"At this time" handwritten into definition.
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Some citations of example sentences are hard to read.
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544Údaⁿqti maⁿbȼíⁿ ȼéȼuadi.I am doing very well here.Shelby ChandlerO&PL: 106,3 View
545Umáⁿȼiñka ȼéȼuadi.In this year.Shelby ChandlerO&PL: 118,3 View
546Waqíⁿha wíⁿ uqȼéqtci ȼéȼuádi tiáⁿȼakiȼé kaⁿbȼégaⁿ.I hope that you will send me a letter here very soon.Shelby ChandlerO&PL: 130,6 View
547Ȼéȼuádi ȼiñké cetáⁿ agítaⁿbé ctĕwaⁿ-májĭ.I have not yet even looked at the one, my relation, who is here.Shelby ChandlerO&PL: 133,5 View
548Ȼéȼuadi iṭígaⁿȼai majáⁿ ȼándi atí hă.I have come to this place "in the land of the Grandfather," i.e., near Washington.Shelby ChandlerO&PL: ? 3.2 View
549Ȼéȼuadi tíȼa-gă.Send it hither.Shelby Chandler(???? 3) View