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The same handwritten word appears on the second image.
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356Naȼuhaqtci séȼĕ.It (a button) is nearly off.Shelby Chandler View
357Nujiñga aka naȼuhaqtci t'e.The boy is almost dead (and must die).Catherine Rudin View
358Naȼuhaqtci aⁿbai hă.It is almost day. Shelby Chandler View
359Naȼuhaqtci miⁿ iȼe hă.It is almost sunset, or, The sun has nearly set.Shelby Chandler View
361Naȼuha-qtci bȼe hă.I am nearly ready to go.Shelby Chandler View
362Náȼuháqtci t'é ke hé.He lies almost dead (woman speaking).Catherine Rudin View