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In the sample sentences the Omaha word for Ponka has an accent above the N or K. I have moved it to the first A.
Added/modified by: Shelby Chandler on 2011-05-30 12:54:00


JOD: of qtaȼĕ.
Added/modified by: Jianguo Wang on 2010-06-01 00:00:00


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
304Waháⁿȼiñge aká Páñka-ma qtáwaȼái hă.Wahaⁿȼiñge loves the Ponkas.Shelby Chandler View
305Umáⁿhaⁿ amá Páñka-ma qtáwaȼái hă.The Omahas love the Ponkas.Shelby Chandler View
306Páñka-ma qtáawáȼĕ-ctĕwáⁿ-májĭ hă.I do not love the Ponkas in the least degree.Shelby Chandler View