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Word appears handwritten on the third image. Second slip contains additional examples etc.
Added/modified by: Catherine Rudin on 2010-06-01 15:18:00
In last sample sentence, "(contr to, Qtaⁿȼiȼe)" appears between the two words.
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Id Definition Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
3717To love a person or thing; to like, to think well of. Catherine Rudin View


Id Sentence Translation Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
296Ṭi ȼiȼíṭa tĕ qtáaȼĕ.I love or like your lodge.Shelby Chandler View
297Qtáⁿȼĕ héga-bájĭ.He liked me exceedingly.Shelby Chandler View
298Qtaaⁿȼiȼe tcabe.We two love you exceedingly.Shelby Chandler View


Id English Last Modified By Citation Link Actions
1265loveCatherine Rudin View
1266likeCatherine Rudin View