wé-ȼi-gȼaⁿ tĕ ȼa-ȼáⁿ-ȼa

wé-ȼi-gȼaⁿ tĕ ȼa-ȼáⁿ-ȼa 
wéthigthoⁿ tʰe thathóⁿtha 
To persuade one to do something different from what he intended; to dissuade him from his first purpose, and then to persuade him to go another way, or to do another thing.  
May 05, 2011 7:16 pm



ȼa-ȼáⁿ-ȼa is in parenthesis Second slip contains handwritten word; although, ȼa-ȼáⁿ-ȼa has become ȼi ȼéȼan.
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